Social Pop Review

Social Pop Review

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Product: Social Pop By Sam Bakker

Launch Date: November 24th 10 A.M.(EST)

Price: $47


Verdict: 100% Reccommend

What is Social Pop?

Social Pop Review

Social Pop presents accurate updates and information on your site having to do with limited bonuses, sales, and traffic on the page. Social Pop uses a pop up screen to display real time information to your users. You can customize the display to show exactly what you want your visitors to be seeing.

Social Pop was designed to help increase scarcity and social presence by showing how much traffic the site has and how many people have bought/are buying and by driving up the scarcity and social pressure you are driving up your conversions.

Social Pop Review

Social Pop is a great idea and the testing Bakker did showed incredible results. He created it to help boost his sales when he was working as an affiliate but when he saw how incredibly it was working he wanted to monetize and share it. Social Pop has been skyrocketing conversions for everyone who has gotten their hands on it.

This software had some awesome features that really impressed me. Two of those were the ability to customize your pop up windows, and how well they integeretaed analytics into this software. You can change pretty much everything about the pop-up windows, from size and color to font type and signature.

Social Pop Review

You can upload your own images and clip them to really grab the attention of your visitors. Social Pop is perfect when you have a limeted amount of coupons or a deal is going to expire soon. For example, you are offering white label bonuses to the first 20 customers who buy.

Social Pop can let your customers know how many are left and when somebody else purchases, they can watch the number of available bonuses decrese. This Really works to increase the scarcity and it also shows your customers that other people are already buying, which is sometimes just the push they need to click that buy button.

Social Pop Review

Its fairly simple how this works. Social pop makes the code for you and you just have to copy and paste it into the code on your page. The nice part of this is that you can put it almost anywhere. Don’t worry about having to know code or anything like that. It’s far simpler than you are thinking. For those of you were are still concerned, they even provide a step by step video on how to do it.

Social Pop in Action

A demo video of Social pop so you can see it action before you buy.

Social Pop Bonus!

Social Pop to go here!


100% Reccommend

Social Pop is a great idea that does really well with shoving scarcity into your customers face. Which is a fairly effective method of increasing your conversions and getting your customers to buy on the spot.

Social Pop really shines when you are already making sales because it shows everyone on your site when somebody buys. Which is pretty sweet if you are looking to boost your conversions and sales and I think that is what we all want.

I highly reccommend Social Pop and I think that it will pay itself off after just a few months.

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